At Temporiti we understand that different applications need different solutions.

For example In a lift the braking has to be smooth, safe and silent setting tough demands on friction material and precision in manufacturing. At times, brakes must have extraordinary durability ------a motor operating a large industrial door must perform millions of operation with minimum wear. For wind turbine application the same brake must be able to function at different angular positions.

Over the years we have successfully developed different brakes for various demanding and intricate applications.

Thus production in our workshop covers a broad span and variety of brakes.

We are proud to have the widest variety and types of Fail Safe Electromagnetic brakes.

These are just some example of how our knowledge is put into practice. Knowledge that must be applied to meet very different demands. So its no exaggeration to say that our knowledge of Industrial brakes applications is extensive.

Naturally all these different requirements set major challenges for us. The kind of Challenges that we are only too happy to take on.